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1 Q: Who are the applicable people of the Magical Mastiff Shovel?

   A: Applicable people: car owners, outdoor lovers and rescue teams.

2 Q: How long can the shovel be used?

   A: Every item will be getting aging and abrasion. The shovel can accompany you all thetime if you can keep it clean and maintain it on time after using.

3 Q: Can I use other companies' charger and battery instead of the original one?

   A : No, you cannot. Our flashlight and AC charger use import chip and battery needs constantoperating voltage. If you use other companies’  charger or battery, that willdamage the circuit board of flashlight and we will not take any responsibilityfor this action.

4 Q: How to use the fire starter?

   A: You can use a knife to scale off some of the magnesium powder from the flint rodonto a dried item or tissue to create the initial sparks.

5 Q: Why there is wire edge on the shovel blade?

   A: Duoji Magical Mastiff shovel use import hi-carbon stainless steel and hightemperature nitriding treatment. The blade of the shovel is very sharp and thehardness is HRC50 which can meet most of the outdoor using requirement. Exceptsome other violent man made damage that may lead a wire edge or shovel broken.When this issue occurs, please contact our customer service by 400-000-7573. Wewill serve you well.

6 Q: How to maintain the shovel when you don’t use it?

   A: Although our shovel is made of hi-carbon stainless steel, you need to clean the waterspots and soil on the shovel after using and daub anti rust oil. Otherwise,there will be a rust and oxidation on the shovel.

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