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The top ten most exciting outdoor adventure line (Photos)

Basic necessities of life are the four elements of life, usually at home alone course experience does not come out the importance of "line", and now about the New Year, Spring Festival mighty army let me feel the genuineness of human walking is indeed indispensable to instinct. Anyway, apart from the crowd to go home, there are a lot of people choose to travel during the holiday season to go, and finally a trip out, can not go to the unusual nature of the land, according to Xiao Bian my habit, the more remote, the more "virgin" places The more I like it. So in line to collect the ten most popular line of outdoor adventure for all holiday trips for reference. 

Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon Adventure - into mankind's last unexplored (Adventures in: Tibet) 

Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon is the world's highest altitude valleys, is the world's longest and deepest canyon, called the world's most gorge, known as "mankind's last secret territory." To such a place to explore, in addition to the physiological, perseverance, but also need a scientific program, and these are the continuous human explorers, enterprising need.

Ancient Loulan - Nur Silk Road Adventure - marching predecessors footsteps (Adventures in: Xinjiang) 

Also in Xinjiang, compared with the Taklimakan, the explorers, the Lop Nur - Loulan line, perhaps because of too many stories, more attractive. If the Lop Nur story to a calendar sort, there will be a long list, there is much ancient Loulan and Loulan Beauty, nearly a Yu Chunshun.

Taklimakan desert adventure - crossing the Dead Sea (Adventure land: Xinjiang) 

Taklimakan is China's largest desert, an oasis in the desert and filled with dangerous environment to attract a lot of adventure tourists. Taklimakan most appeals to the imagination than the Dead Sea, Dead Sea if crossed, will undoubtedly be a successful adventure.

Gaoligongshan - Nu adventure - into the human cultural park (Adventure land: Nu) 

In China's southwest corner, complex terrain, many nationalities, unique natural environment, creating a large number of places suitable for adventure tourism. There are many places mysterious footsteps of explorers, photographers lens, expect new discoveries here.

Walking Gorges - maybe this is the last one (adventure in: Chongqing, Yichang) 

With the rejection of the Three Gorges, the Three Gorges many landscapes will forever sinking underwater. For this last one of the Three Gorges, people are planning to walk the Three Gorges, the views remain in my heart.

Across the sea channel - into the Central Plains from the Western experience (adventure in: Dunhuang, Turpan) 

West from Dunhuang, Turpan, a total of more than 500 kilometers of road, constitute the most legendary Silk Road section --- Sea Road. Where a collection of ancient castles, beacons, inn, prehistoric human habitation sites, Fossil Hill, mirage, desert wild camels, as well as numerous rare geographical landscape and ethnic customs.

The source of two rivers expedition adventure - for our mother river (Adventure land: two Jiang Yuan) 

The mother river of the Chinese nation originated the Yellow and Yangtze Bayan Har Tibetan Plateau, a large Bing Talin is their source, in the range of tens of kilometers of the source, the distribution of more than 100 small-drenched, with attractive natural scenery. Now here's ecology has started to become worse, desertification has begun to spread, so everyone should know the source of the mother to protect the mother.

Lugu daughter of adventure - looking strange customs of (explorers in: Lugu Lake) 

If when you know there is a place still continues to maintain a matriarchal society, the continuation of life through a technique called "walking marriage" approach, what would you react? This place is called the lake, she has another beautiful name --- daughter of the country. Because this uneven roads, customs keen to come here on behalf of the crown of course travel adventure.

Tea Horse Road Adventure - Yunnan region, "Silk Road" (Adventure in: Yunnan, Tibet) 

Contact Ancient Tea Horse Road is a channel between Yunnan and Tibet, in the evolution of history once had a brilliant page, but the passage of time, today's Tea-Horse Road leaving numerous sites and monuments. Yunnan complex terrain and tortuous history, exploring the Tea Horse Road will bring no small difficulty, but such as Lijiang Mingzhu Road, is the largest power your adventure on the road.

Qinling adventure - crossing the dividing line between north and south China's climate (Adventures in: Shaanxi) 

Qinling severed on account of ancient customs and in dealings with Shu Chu, people will build a large plank in the mountains in. Where high mountains, dense forests, ecological integrity. From the off, and through the Qinling Mountains, across the dividing line between north and south China's climate, through China's largest nature reserve group, marching takin into the wolf's footprint is no sense of adventure Qinling Cang original and so on.

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