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Magical Mastiff brand Snow Leopard Survival Knife has integrated 11 functions for outdoor survival and has applied the most advanced tool structure of “1 Second Switch” at present. It enjoys the following unique features:


1-Panther- shape bionic design that makes you feel extremely cool.


2-The “panther head” can be used for breaking windows quickly to survive in emergency.


3-The “panther mouth” that is actually a nut wrench can be used for wrenching many kinds of nuts.


4-The “panther belly”(knife blade) can be used for chopping and self-defending.


5-The “panther back” is equipped with a wire cutter for cutting different sizes of steel wire rapidly.


6-The “panther tail” is actually a unique tactical pulling ring with a structure of “1 second switch” and can bear super-strong destructive power.


7-Perfect length. The knife is composed of a handle and an end handle that is made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy.


8-Equipped with a seven-core paracord that can bear the weight of 200 KGS.


9-With magnesium rod and survival whistle in the end handle.


10-With a top grade leather cover that can be used for both hanging the knife and protecting it when it is stored.


11-With a fishing gear and a “ISPO Design Award Winner” chain saw. Both are very useful tools for outdoor survival.


Snow Leopard Survival Knife is a new generation of super tool for outdoor survival and self-driving protection!     

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