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Generation V Electronic album

Duoji Kichizo mastiff shovel Five Dynasties , Dorje new offering , in February 2013 Beijing International Outdoor Exhibition awesome sale !

Duoji Kichizo mastiff shovel and 4 generations 5 generations difference


1,5 generation flashlight look more beautiful , magnet magnet stronger than the larger four generations torch

2,5 -generation color more upscale

3,5 -generation battery is 2200 mA with protection chip to prevent excessive battery let overshoot ; fourth-generation battery is 1800 mA , unprotected chip

4,5 -generation increased ice ax ( walking with ice , but also deal with large beast ) , broken windows cone ( smashing car windows to escape ) , with a flashlight to charge the phone converter,

Prevent the use of the time off the pineapple head (with the anti-shedding umbrella rope )

5,5 generation plus magnesium rod can be screwed pineapple plastic handle head for easy ignition

Sections handle 6,5 generation can be combined freely , you can configure your own DIY

7,5 -generation package for high-end tactical package , more than four generations expensive than four times more expensive , fashionable and practical, can also be used separately.

8,5 Deby 4th generation increased by more than 200 mm total length

9,5 behalf shovel shovel surface thicker than four generations face a 0.5 mm , quenching process is more advanced and better toughness

10,5 -generation wire cutting scissors mouth shovel more reasonable and more perfect than four generations

11,5 behalf of the umbrella rope of 10 meters, four generations longer than 5 meters

12,5 behalf of the tail increases pry nails shovel bayonet

13,5 four generations generation handle thicker than 1.2 mm , the greater the strength to withstand the consolidated

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